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Jan Garland

Jan Garland
Jan Garland
Using recycled materials for my art- plastic bags and tissue paper
Greenbelt, Md

I am a self-taught artist from Maryland with a background in tissue paper paintings that have become eco-friendly in recent years. With the environment in mind, I began experimenting with plastic bags in the summer of 2008, since they come in so many pretty colors and are so toxic to the universe.  With my cut bits of plastic bags or torn bits of colored tissue paper, brushed on to a canvas with glue and water, my images become displays of characters, scenes,thoughts,and emotions.  In my art world, the choice really is "paper or plastic".  I continue to work with both mediums and have even combined the two as I continue to experiment. Only is the last few years, have I been promoting and selling my work. I have had within this time, several solo shows and have won a few ribbons in some local community contests. My purpose is to participate more in the art world as an eco-artist.

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