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Craig Michael Cooper

Craig Michael Cooper
Craig Michael Cooper
Artist, Contemporary Realism
Painting in Oil and Acrylic, Drawing and Mixed Media, Photography
Rocky Acres, MD

Craig Michael Cooper is a native Washingtonian and local artist currently living in Prince George’s County Maryland. Social diversity has been an influence in his life and in many ways has shaped his personality but not necessarily his work. Seeing the beauty of simplicity and the complexity in nature, his works represent what is visually appealing and not necessarily how he feels. “When that vision joins with emotion it becomes art”

“I am a self-taught artist with a love for all things in nature. I believe that nothing is more beautiful than what nature creates. My art can only be, at best, a modest reflection of what I see and in some cases interpret. I have a deep appreciation for early artists such as Michelangelo and Carvaggio, how they had to mix their colors from the earth. The mind of DaVinci. The colors of Gauguin. The variety of Diego Rivera. The grand landscapes of Albert Bierstadt and others who’ve mastered depth and light. I will always strive to be better, to grow as an artist, and to find and create true art.”

Wish You Were Here
Still Life
Glass and Spoon
Matisse in Blue
Tranquil Energy
Making the Rounds
Punch the Sky
Carpe Diem Hiberna
Lightly Frosted
Storm Ascending
After the Storm