Artist Profile

Delia Mychajluk

Delia Mychajluk
Delia Mychajluk
Artist, Retired Registered Nurse
Photography, painting, sculpture
Hyattsville, MD

A resident of Hyattsville Maryland for over 20 years, Delia Mychajluk studied art at University of Maryland, University College taking multiple studio courses in drawing, painting, design and photography. In 1986, Ms. Mychajluk completed a BFA at the Corcoran School of Art, with a major area of concentration in sculpture. Prior to completing formal training in Fine Art Ms. Mychajluk had earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in nursing and mental health nursing from The Catholic University of Americ. *** Artist’s Statement: “My art is an expression of thoughts and feelings about what I consider the “essentials” of things, i.e., life/death, growth, and the boundaries between the physical/spiritual worlds. Connections between people and animals and people and the world of nature are also explored. Some of my images come directly from dreams. I do not confine myself to a single medium and I create both two and three-dimensional pieces of art. Current favorite mediums include oil paint, photography and digital collage, wood and stone carving, plaster and cement over hardware cloth, & watercolor pencils on canvas.”

Tornado Tree
Moon Rising
Tree Magic
Life's Companions
Dream of Flight
Morning Energy
Sunbird Awakening
Leaf Abstraction
Birds of a Feather
Born of the Wood
Sky At Dawn
Memory Tree
Black Lace Sunrise
Canyon Mother
In and Out
Floral Fusion
Snow on the Rim
My Mother
Shelter in Place
Center Piece
Canyon Light
My Only Friend
Fall Morning
Racing The Storm
The Queen
Mother's Burden
Deer Lady
Free Fall
The Blues
Lifting Fog
Kindred Spirits
Safe Haven
Time for Peace