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Eileen Cave

Eileen Cave
Eileen Cave
Painter, Arts Consultant
Hyattsville, MD

Eileen is a diverse visual artist, PGCS interrelated art teacher and arts in education advocate. She sees her body of work intensifying through time as her life experiences and blessings grow concurrently with her use of mediums, expanding beyond acrylic painting and mixed media collage into kiln-baked glass and mask making. Trained in visual arts at Dartmouth College, Eileen’s “signature” of colorful, crowd themes are drawn from extensive traveling throughout the Caribbean, South America, Europe and Asia. She produces limited edition lithographic prints, cards and paintings that reflect the power of the family and the contemporary African American experience.   Eileen is secretary of the Hyattsville Community Development Corporation. Most recently she has co-founded Creative Initiatives, Inc., a non-profit organization that offers unique, enrichment programs for youth.

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