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Jeffrey S Felten-Green

Jeffrey S Felten-Green
Jeffrey S Felten-Green
Arylic, Mixed Media, Crafts, Music, Gardening, Wood Crafts, MicroSoft Work Graphics
Cheverly, MD

The paintings and crafts I create appeal to my own sensibility of what art is.  If I were forced to create a particular item or to create art in a particular mode, I am afraid the magic would be lost for me.

Many of my ideas are satirical, playful and at times, serious.  They are snapshots of everyday life, or a life I conceive of in my imagination.

I love bright colors, and I love to evoke a mood for the observer.   I do not like to tell the same story when I create.  I also do not want to be pinned down by labels, styles or methods.

Please browse my website and explore my work.  I hope my art will stir a mood within you, speak to you, and encourage you to speak to me.  Feel free to share your thoughts and impressions about my work.  I look forward to hearing from you.

"Notorious RBG"
"Green Man"
Scarab Beetle
"African Goddess"
Garden God
"Sista Medusa"
Autumn Bike Riders
The Catcher
"Daylily Visitor"
"Tree Goddess"
"Flower Friend"
"I Am!"
"She Loves Me"
"Flower Kinfolk"
"Lovely Day"
"Garden Fairies"
"Coming Home"
"Flower Gatherers"
Words of Wisdom
"The Journey"
"Autumn Dancers"
"Women's March"
"Autumn Fantasy"
"Lady Sun"
"In Flight"