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Timothy A Sebian-Lander

Timothy A Sebian-Lander
Timothy A Sebian-Lander
Mental Health Therapist
Acylics, illustration, charcoal, and pastel
Riverdale, MD

Maryland based artist. Influences include Basquiat, Picasso, Van Gogh, comic book art, graffit, and abstract expressionism.

I'd like the viewer to take some time with the work - take in the color, the mark, and the characters that come in and out of focus. The content varies and often subjects are taken from popular culture and refer to psychological concepts of the self (narcisism, the ego, the shadow, among others). The work seems to be inherently political yet ambiguously so - there is no overt political message and meaning changes depending on the filter that the viewer brings to the piece.

While creating there is often no specific plan or final vision in mind. I like the images to build gradually and come to life through open mindedness, sponteniety, and free association. In some ways the process is like having a conversation with chosen subject matter. As I am creating, I am learning about the psychology of the subject through my own biased apperception.

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David Bowie
Model study
Tony and death
Tony dreaming
Vince Lombardi
Black Panther
Hidden Scarlett
Figure study.jpg