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Stephanie O'Grady

Stephanie O'Grady
Stephanie O'Grady
Painter, visual artist
Painting, printmaking, stained glass
Adelphi, Maryland

Though a native of Washington, DC, Stephanie grew up in Colorado where she earned a bachelor's degree in studio art. Working as a stained glass artist, initially in the studio of William Joseph, Denver sculptor and painter, she designed and constructed windows for several churches. Her work in stained glass and in painting has received awards in Colorado, Ohio, and Maryland. She is a founding member of Passageways Studios in Riverdale, Maryland.

As a painter I have worked primarily in three series, each with a different but related exploration. One series celebrates the intimate aspects of nature, as in the translucency of leaves in sunlight and water reflections. A second series asks what happens if two pieces of work are sliced to ribbons and woven together to form a new piece? Unexpected qualities of space and conjunctions of color emerge: color muted and bold, sharp edges next to soft ones. Though many of these pieces appear to be completely non-objective,most have themes originating in nature. Most recently, a third process is more intuitive, characterized by layers of texture and transparent color. Many of these pieces have an affinity with stained glass, my original medium.

Planes and Planets
Moving Boxes
Garden Weave
Spring Fling
Autumn Grasses