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David Scott Ralph

David Scott Ralph
David Scott Ralph
Web Specialist
Watercolor painting, drums
Greenbelt, MD

David Ralph is a Maryland-based (Greenbelt, MD) contemporary artist who found his passion for creation at a very young age. Much of his childhood up to his adulthood was spent experimenting with different mediums, until he found the medium meant for him - watercolors.

Today, David’s style of painting and illustration can best be described as geometric abstraction with influences ranging from the cubist paintings of Pablo Picasso to the primitive, cutout shapes of Henri Matisse. Other notable influences for David were Paul Cezanne’s fragmented landscapes and the geometrically-divided, flat-color canvases of Piet Mondrian.

To David, the simple elegance of the curve, the line, and the circle create the ideal two-dimensional plain of visual interest and appeal. And, to add color intensity, value contrast and balance to this space - along with repetition, texture and pattern - is to create a perfect harmony. It is to this goal that David sets down to sketch his next work of art.