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Margot Braswell

Margot Braswell
Margot Braswell
Pastel portraiture
Silver Spring

In 2003, I took a “Drawing from Life” class with W. Michael Bartman III at the Yellow Barn in Bethesda, MD. That class was a life-changer and I haven't stopped making art since. My favorite kind of art is portraiture. I love portraiture because I find it intriguing to study a face and discover what makes a person look like themselves. While rendering a likeness is compelling, it also provides me with a meditative peace that is hard to describe. Some people I can “get” right away, and others, not so easily. The famous portrait sculptor Jo Davidson once said that when it comes to portraiture, some people are short stories and others are novels. I am now making a foray in to impressionist landscapes. I am available for commissions; and I am hopeful that my story of art will be never ending and happily ever after.

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