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Ana Vasquez
Ana Vasquez
Oil painting, drawing (charcoal, pencil, etc.) curious about other mediums
Riverdale Park, MD

The question of “when” I began drawing is a familiar question to all artists, I think. There is no fixed “when.” Even without developed fine motor skills, children draw. The question is rather “why is the educational system structured to stop them from drawing?” And so, I simply draw. Compared to other artists in the DC/Maryland area, I’m still polishing my skills. I’m currently studying as an art student and often attend weekly figure drawing/painting sessions. Though drawing is an elementary ability that must be honed and sharpened, I do believe oil painting has helped me see with clearer eyes than before. Focusing on both skills, I hope to gain an insight into the essence of the visual world, and an illumination into the ideas behind life and behind humanity.


As taught when I first began taking art classes in 2014, I draw or paint from life. And all my work is taken from life. The way I process information is by taking what I see and hear and remember and know or don’t know, and trying to figure out how it all comes together in a relative way. I cannot explain how art helps or expresses this. That is something I’m hoping to find out. Until then, please enjoy what little I have barely accomplished.

 Instagram Account: lady.kaizoku