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Diane Elliott

Diane Elliott
Diane Elliott
Editor and stained glass and mosaic artist
Stained glass, fused glass, mosaics, found objects, ceramics
Riverdale, MD

Color and texture are always what grab me first, rather than any subject matter. I love stained glass and ceramics because of the way light constantly changes their appearance. I like to include found objects and stones and shells in my work, to create visual variety. I enjoy doing commissions that incorporate the personality and taste of the client, and maybe even the client’s broken plates, old buttons, or beach glass. Diane is a native of Baltimore. She learned copper foil and leaded glass techniques from Nancy Weisser of Kensington, Md., and studied mosaics with Rick Shelley of Baltimore and Ilana Shafir of Israel.

Dancing Through
Love Your Crown
Starry Night
Dance studio sign
Shell Mirror
Tidal Pool
Wine and Vine