Membership Procedure

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Membership in the Hyattsville Community Arts Alliance

Since the founding of the Hyattsville Community Arts Alliance, artists wishing to join our organization have been required to reside in the local area. Thanks to the internet, more people than ever are aware of HCAA and have expressed interest in joining. Often these individuals are not local. Some even reside in foreign countries. Although we remain true to the main goal of HCAA being a Community Alliance, needing participants in events to be visible to sponsors and to be present at venues to meet the public and other artists, and to teach and mentor, we welcome fellow artists, regardless of where they may live and work.

Thanks to our online registration process we are able to offer membership to any interested artists, with encouragement to join us and fully participate in all our activities. Membership is only $50 per year. Annual dues for the first year are not prorated, and subsequent annual dues must be paid before March 1st each year.

Members will be encouraged to create an online Artist Profile, which will include biographical information, artistic interests, location, original poetry (if applicable), and up to 50 online images of original art. All postings are required to be in the English Language. Furthermore, HCAA reserves the right to remove any text or images considered in the sole judgment of our Board of Directors to be inappropriate due to obscenity, political themes, or profanity. All images uploaded to an individual's Artist Profile will automatically be included in our impressive Gallery.

Why Join?

  • For $50 per person per year you can become a Member of the Hyattsville Community Arts Alliance, a non-profit organization established for all artists and art supporters to help promote affordable art by artists that might not otherwise have an appropriate outlet to become known.
  • Members can participate in HCAA meetings and volunteer to serve on standing committees.
  • Members also have exhibition opportunities, receive information about other exhibits throughout the local region and elsewhere, network with other artists, and share resources of interest.
  • Members can promote their art through our website with an Artist profile that can contain up to 50 images of original art, along with biographical information, artistic interests, and original poetry. Each Artist can edit their own Profile at their leisure and as often as they desire. They may also upload and delete images of their art whenever they desire.
  • Each Artist's Profile can be a unique, personalized address as part of our website, suitable for correspondence such as business cards, letterheads, email signatures, etc. A personalized address might be similar to this example:
  • Member art that is currently being exhibited at one of our regular venues will be listed on our website Sales Lists.
  • Members may register online for our exhibits, as well as Solo Wall opportunities where a single artist or a small number of artists are highlighted.

How to Join

You may now register for membership online by clicking on this link. Just fill in at least the required items on the form (those marked with a red star) -- name, email address, password, artistic interests, location where you create your art, and address. After registering online, a prospective member can expect an email with a link that must be clicked on to verify the email address. After the address has been confirmed, our Administrative staff will be notified to continue the application process. When the new member is approved, he/she will receive another email with payment and login instructions. If payment is not received within ten (10) days, the membership will be terminated and the Artist's Profile will be removed. The additional (non-mandatory) details on the Artist Profile can be filled in during registration or after  membership has been approved. Instructions for logging in will be sent via email after the new membership has been approved and the online Profile has been enabled. Those considering joining HCAA may find the Tutorials on this site to be instructive in demonstrating how to edit a Profile, how to Upload images to your Profile, or to see information about our Exhibition venues.

Note: You must be 18 years of age or older to become a member.

Your initial membership dues entitles you to all member benefits for the entire calendar year, January 1 through December 31 regardless of when payment is received (membership dues are not prorated). Renewal payments for subsequent years are due annually prior to March 1st.  Your renewal payment can be made online by clicking here or by sending a check made payable to HCAA and mailing it to HCAA, P.O. Box 37, Hyattsville, MD 20781. You may edit your online profile to make changes, such as your contact information. Dues for membership renewal are equal in amount to the current application fee.