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Norman Biggers

Norman Biggers
Norman Biggers
All Creative Arts and Literature
Hyattsville, MD

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My poetry is to represent a Universal Language that will touch and transform the individual nature of awareness for greater understanding and wisdom. Greater understanding, opens wider opportunities to the discovery all of Life’s experiences, and levels of transformation. Like the Universe, all objects do not shine at the same time but are to become that which will shine. I hope my poetry in this Space and Time does touch and acts as a catalyst for others to discover the Shine they are to Become.


Gaze as Beauty

 Looking upon This Beauty I lay to Heart Rest.

Causes what I know and What I was to Leaves this Nest.

Forgotten all Because of You.

Your Joy Filled Images manifests Through.

My smile to You reveals the smile of Me

Rediscover, We the Image of God and the Heavens Creative Love

Our Garments are Many with the Varity of Change

The Illusion of Different In Soul the Same

Visions of Unique Beauty, We are together for God’s Best.

Across the borders of Our Me’s, the Desire of Us as The We’s.

Our Hearts Resonates, United with Images Within.

In the Moment of This Time Our Spaces Changes and Shines

The Best of what our Hearts Desires, It Expands, It Grows, and Inspires.

The Quantity of Time is no Measure; the Best of Love is the Treasure.

Unconditional Love is Given in Heart of Appreciation We are Living

The Cause of Hearts is Be; The Best of All and The Best for We.

In Dreams of Time and Space, We live of Heart and Create a New Place.

In the Greater Plan of What We see is the Realization of What We Be

The Unity of Hearts and Visions, We Share The Greater Mission

Our Gaze in Beauty and Sight Unified with The Great Beloved

The Vision of the Its Greater Love

Norman E. Biggers

Copyright © 2011