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Cynthia Paige Gossage

Cynthia Paige Gossage
Cynthia Paige Gossage
Quilter, Embroiderer, Textile Artist
Upcycling and reusing fabrics and threads to make beauty - like my great-grandmother and other elder quilters
Hyattsville, MD

I have been sewing in some way since about 3rd grade. My mom taught me running and back stitches and some very simple embroidery. A little later I saw my first quilt: hand-pieced and hand-quilted by my great grandmother using left over sewing scraps that my dad’s mom could still identify. The batting was raw cotton from her farm in west Texas. I was hooked.

Today I focus mostly on small pieces, not bed quilts. In memory of my resourceful great-grandmother and to minimize my demand of new materials, I work increasingly with salvaged fabrics and yarns. I almost never know how a piece will end up, but I love the slow transformation of my “canvas” as I add layer after thin layer of stitch as design.