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Monna Kauppinen

Monna Kauppinen
Monna Kauppinen
Painter, Pastel Artist
Pastel painting
Adelphi, MD

My art comes from the philosophy of classicism that cherishes order, balance and simplicity. I’m not interested in creating angst or confusion; harmony and beauty are my goals. The intense color that can be attained with soft pastels are ideal for my flower themes. Fruit and vegetable still lifes also take well with pastels. Watercolor is another media I enjoy.   Commission work allows me to diversify my subjects and expand my art vocabulary, and I have created several cherished pet portraits from photographs. More time for life drawing is always on my wish list. I have created strong figure drawings using trios crayon or silverpoint, and working in these mediums emphasizes my love of skilled draftsmanship.”   Monna is a local artist who grew up in Hyattsville, Maryland. She attended Hyattsville’s public schools, graduating from Northwestern High School. She’s enjoyed a long career with the Foreign Agricultural Service and the Peace Corps. Art became a second career upon her retirement.

California Gold
Fire Dancers
Golden Girls
Varigated Iris
Blue Tub
Frame Up
On Parade