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Maureen Stone

Maureen Stone
Maureen Stone
Stained Glass

I have been working in stained glass for over 20 years, and I like to do all different kinds of projects: abstract, figurative and traditional. All aspects of the craft are fun for me. I enjoy drawing and designing the pattern, scoring and breaking the glass, foiling and soldering, leading, and framing. I work on commission, so the client will get a piece that is ideal for them; and I make pieces just for fun.  I occasionally show my work in exhibits.  In 2019 and 2020: in the 1807 Exhibit of the University of Maryland, Baltimore, displayed in the HSHSL Library on campus. In 2020 and 2021: in the Laurel Art Guild’s Open Exhibit at the Montpelier Mansion in Laurel. In 2021: in the Bowie Spring Open Online Show. In 2023: in the MNCPPC art exhibit in the Annapolis House of Delegates and the HCAA summer exhibit at the Prince Georges Community Center.

I teach workshops and classes at the Greenbelt and North Laurel Community Centers, and have taught at the College Park Arts Exchange.

When I design a window I consider several things.  First, I want to keep the viewer’s eye moving, so I may include features and interesting elements for the viewer to notice and enjoy, such as, found objects, geodes, bevels, etc. My second consideration is lighting. The piece will be front-lit at night, and back-lit during the day, with many different lighting changes as the sun moves.  This requires me to spend days looking at glass in different lights to determine the best combinations for each window hanging.  Finally, I like to include a little surprise for the viewer to find, perhaps after viewing the piece many times. This could include a subtle asymmetry or weighting, or a color combination that is not at first obvious. I was inspired to do this by Picasso’s painting “The Lovers.”  It may take many viewings to notice the spectral order of the colors and their relationship to the white center. Look for it online to see what I mean!


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